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Trash and Recycling Program with The Trash Company

WPHA has partnered with The Trash Company of Granby, Colorado to provide trash and single-stream recycling services to members of WPHA. Dumpsters maintained by The Trash Company are in place in WPHA Commons by Bielenberg Pond. The combined services are available to members for $24.08 per month. All new and existing Trash Company customers on the WPHA Trash and Recycle Plan should be paying this rate.  If you are paying more than this, please contact the Trash Company for an adjustment.

If you want to sign up but haven’t yet, please contact Tammy Pearman or Megan Waters at (970) 627-8531 or email to or You must be a member of WPHA to participate in the service, and membership must be renewed each year to continue participation from year to year. 

The dumpster(s) are locked with combination locks; households who sign up will be given the combination(s) by The Trash Company (WPHA does not have the combinations).

Effective July 1, 2018 new users will be required to pay a one-time $120 fee to cover future maintenance of the trash enclosure. The WPHA Board of Directors has made the determination that charging new users this fee is the fairest way to proceed, given that existing users have paid a surcharge of up to $240 to cover the cost of the enclosure construction. 

Trash pickup days are Monday and Friday.  Recycling will be picked up on Tuesdays.

Please use the PayPal button below to pay with a credit card or mail a check to:

PO Box 275
Tabernash, CO 80478

​Update on County Review of Trash and Recycling Site at WPHA Commons; Surcharge To Be Collected

The County Commissioners had seven requirements to be met as a condition of their approval of the site. All items have been completed.

1.    Replatting of the area.
2.    Voting completed by WPHA members.
3     Paint bins specific green color.
4.    Install "No Trespassing" signs.
5.    Remove Elk Park sign and rename WPHA Commons.
6.    Limit trash/recycling to WPHA Members only.
7.    Plant vegetation.
8.    Construct a three-sided enclosure for the bins is complete.
9.    The surcharge of $10 per month to cover the closure construction costs ended with the payment of the April 2018         invoices.

Important Points Regarding the Trash/Recycling Program:

The County is NOT providing Trash/Recycling Service.

Approximately 41% of WPHA Members are utilizing the current service offered by The Trash Company located at WPHA Commons.

The $24.08 per month Trash Company fee is about 1/2 of the trash only pickup.  No pickup of recycling is available to individual residents.
One Time Surcharge $120