Winter Park Highlands Association
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>Grand County Emergency Services

The Grand Fire Protection District has lots of information on its website about emergency preparedness—check out Click on the Public Information tab, then click on the Fire Safety and Prevention tab.  Under the heading Family Preparedness you will find two links, one to a document called “Why Prepare?” and one to a Supplies Kit Checklist

The website also contains helpful information on protecting your home should a wildfire strike.  Be prepared!  Check out the excellent brochure Wildfire, and the helpful cheat-sheet Get Ready!  

The Grand County Office of Emergency Management also has a helpful brochure called Emergency Information Resources.

Finally, you also might be interested in the detailed 12-page brochure entitled Ready, Set, Go! Your Personal Wildland Fire Protection Guide and a related video. Check them out!
>Grand County Burn Program

The best and most current resource for burning information is at this link for Grand County Division of Natural Resources.  It has the latest for slash pile band cost, info about clearing defensible space, etc.
Helpful Links to Grand County Services and Information
​Address Signs

The Upper Fraser Valley Community Wildfire Protection Plan reported that Winter Park Highlands has a serious problem with missing or inadequate individual home address signage. This is a major safety issue. Inadequate or hard to read signage makes it much harder for rescue or fire personnel to find a home quickly in the event of an emergency.  The CWPP recommends that every building have a permanently posted, reflective address marker mounted on a non-combustible pole. Signs should be made of fire-resistant materials (e.g. metal). The sign should be placed and maintained at each driveway entrance. Care should be taken to ensure that the location will not become obscured by vegetation, snow, or other features, whether natural or manmade. It is critical that the location and markings are adequate for easy night-time viewing.

As a benefit of membership in WPHA, the Association will install, at no charge to a member, a CWPP-compliant sign at the home of every member of the Association from 2011 forward.  The signs have been installed in county right-of-way at the end of each driveway on the right side standing five feet above ground level (after clearing the installation sites with the county locator service).  Here is what the signs look like:
​The horizontal number is the county road number and the vertical number is the house number.  Anyone who is not now a member of WPHA may obtain a sign as one of the many benefits of Association membership.  Click here for a membership application form-dues are $250 per year for developed lots or $125 per year for undeveloped lots --or we will install one without membership for $50.  Members receive a sticker on their signs identifying them as members.  Click here to order a sign without joining; mail your $50 check to WPHA, PO Box 275, Tabernash CO  80478-0275.

To date 319 signs have been installed. Our sign has become the standard for the county and is now being adopted by other homeowner associations. In fact, it has received attention from other counties around the state. Don't have one yet? Ordering information can be found in the preceding paragraph.
County Road/Street Name Correlation Table

Check out our helpful chart correlating county road numbers with the Highlands' own more charming street names.
>Community Wildfire Protection Plans

Winter Park Highlands is covered by three Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP), the Grand County CWPP adopted in December 2006, the Upper Fraser Valley CWPP adopted in December 2007, and the Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 CWPP adopted in May 2009. The CWPPs were created pursuant to the federal Healthy Forest Restoration Act. Major purposes of each CWPP are to assess the level of risk of wildfires on a community by community basis in the county and to suggest steps that a property owner can take to enhance the likelihood that his or her property would survive a catastrophic wildfire.  All three Plans rate Winter Park Highlands as the second most hazardous community in Grand County (out of 24 assessed), which has been a major impetus for the mitigation work WPHA has pursued throughout the community since 2008 and continuing today. The Plans are invaluable resources and we encourage everyone to take advantage of the information in them.
>Grand County Wildfire Readiness Website

Check out the new Grand County wildfire readiness and survival website,
Snowplowing services - This is a list of snowplowing services that we are aware of that will come up to the Highlands (as of October 2020).  If you want to get service, you should call them as rates and service locations could vary. If you find others, please let Mike Hagerty know and he will add them to this list.
Matt Bailey 
Alpine Landscaping
(970) 887-9445

Chris Bergquist
Tabernash Construction Inc.
(970) 726-0958
(970) 575-1122
(970) 887-3660

Cabin Works
(970) 887-1300

Jay Clough
(970) 726-9138

Jay Dekovic
(970) 531-8588

Golden Eagle Snow Removal LLC 
PO Box 249, Winter Park CO 80482
Office (970) 726-9464
Office (970) 726-1104
Mobile (970) 531-4231
Golden Eagle Snow Removal LLC 
PO Box 249, Winter Park CO 80482
Office (970) 726-9464
Office (970) 726-1104
Mobile (970) 531-4231

Ram Services LLC- Brian
(720) 333-2720

Pete's Plowing Ltd.
Peter J. Volk
(970) 531-0369

Wayne Thurston
(970) 531-2770

Kate Wright
(970) 531-6172
Window Cleaning
Spot Free
K. Scott Remaly
(720) 938-3593
House Cleaning
George Roberts
Bluebird Cleaning Services 
(970) 363-7380