Winter Park Highlands Association
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About Winter Park Highlands Association
WPHA is a 501(c)(4) Colorado not-for-profit corporation established in 1995. We operate pursuant to Bylaws and are governed by a nine member board of directors made up of Highlands property owners elected by WPHA's membership for three year terms, with a maximum of two consecutive terms allowed. Membership in the Association is voluntary. Our fiscal year runs from January 1 through December 31. Dues for 2018 will be $250 per year for a developed lot and $125 per year for a vacant lot. See our Dues and Donations Page.
Bob Colosimo
(614) 975-3118
Term ends 2020

Fred Chapin
Vice President
Term ends 2020

Karen Bishop
Term ends 2018 (1st)
Accomplishments and Benefits of Membership

Some of the accomplishments of the Association’s volunteer Board of Directors include:

​1.    completing construction in 2013 of our first 30,000-gallon underground water cistern with fire hydrant to expand firefighting resources in the Highlands using grant funds awarded to the Association by the Bureau of Land Management; Association funds; and contributions from concerned citizens throughout the Highlands and beyond.

2.    obtaining a second grant from the BLM in 2014 for construction of another 30,000-gallon cistern with hydrant, with plans in the works for construction to begin in 2015.

3.    installing CWPP-compliant house address signs with 249 signs installed to date, 230 in Winter Park Highlands (54.1% of all WPH properties); 3 in Grand Enclave; and 16 in other subdivisions. Our sign has become the standard for the county and is now being adopted by other homeowner associations. In fact, it has received attention from other counties around the state.

4.    continuing to make Winter Park Highlands a safer place to live through the clearing of 12 interior lots totaling 36 acres of dangerous "fire chimneys" throughout the Highlands in the fall of 2012, in conjunction with the Colorado State Forest Service and individual lot owners.

5.    creating 90 acres of firebreaks around the Highlands in 2011 and 2012 using matching grants from the Colorado State Forest Service.

6.    continuing to maintain and further develop our strong relationships with Grand County, the Colorado State Forest Service, and neighboring communities.

On an ongoing basis the Association handles such matters as:

1.    reviewing plans for new construction to insure WPH covenants are met. Questions? Contact Roland Kehe, (217) 840-3040 or

2.    working with Grand County on road maintenance issues

3.    working with Grand County to assure proper and adequate road signage

4.    working with property owners to assure adequate and visible signage identifying their property address

5.    educating property owners on defensible space and fuel reduction issues

6.    hosting an annual picnic and meeting (last Saturday in June)

7.    maintaining a website as a communications channel and keeping owners updated through emails

All these efforts have helped raise the profile of the Association in the County. 
Help us move forward in making our community a better and safer place to live by joining now.

Board of Directors 2017-2018
Lynette Teichman
(513) 265-9082 (cell)

Sherry Pelton
(970) 402-6859
Term ends 2017 (1st)

​​​Tammy Gillespi​​e

Want to know who has served on the Board in the past?  Check it out! 

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Heidi McNinch
Term ends 2019 (1st full term)

Mike Hagerty
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The Primary Roles and Responsibilities of Every WPHA Board Director

 _Review financial status and review and approve expenditure requests.

 _Establish a review of policies and objectives and ensure compliance.

 _Give a monthly report for any sub-committee the Director chairs.

 _Participate in WPHA activities when possible.

 _Be a positive influence with other members and set an example by abiding by all policies.

 _Develop long-term goals and a strategic plan for WPHA; make certain that decisions are made in the greater interest of the membership.

 _Be prepared to attend a Board meeting 6-8 times a year. While it is not necessary for a Board member to be a permanent resident, you should be available for conference calls.

 _It is essential that, once you leave a Board meeting, you are supportive of Board decisions and respect the confidentiality of them. A Director does not act alone but works as a team member of the Board. Expect no favoritism.

In summary, a board member is not nominated to represent a particular interest group. You as WPHA members should elect board members who are knowledgeable, articulate, provide business and social skills, do not have a conflict of interest or personal agenda, and are respected by fellow members. Remember, we are looking for candidates who will have the drive and desire to achieve all that is best for the community and its members. Success in being a great board member derives not from how much you have to say, but from the relevance of the questions you ask. 
Colosimo               Chapin                    Teichman                 Bishop                       Pelton                         McNinch                   Gillespie             Hagerty
  Mike Braddy
  Member Liaison