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Winter Park Highlands Association is a voluntary association offering membership to all property owners in Winter Park Highlands, Tabernash, Colorado. Your membership supports WPHA in providing valuable services and making our community a better place to live. Every property owner in the Highlands faces challenges that arise from living in the mountains, from clearing snow in the winter to protecting our properties from fire danger in the summer. Facing such challenges on our own can be daunting. Being a member of the Association allows each of us to benefit from collective strength. Join us and be a part of the future of the Highlands!

We are starting to search for a site for our next cistern which we hope will be in 2022 or 2023. Since our Regional BLM contact has indicated grant money should be more available for fuel reduction, our sole source of funding may be from our dues and contributions to the TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donor Advised Fund at The Grand Foundation. Please see our Firewise page on our website for more information.

Interactive Map: CompassData, owned by WPH resident Brant Howard, has created a magnificent interactive map of the Highlands that can be viewed using Google Earth.

Static Map of the Highlands: view and available to buy.

Static Map of Grand County: view only.

Static Map of the Highlands showing WPHA membership: view only.

NEW Firewise Community Boundary Map: view only.

All of these maps can be accessed on our Maps page.
See our Dues and Donations page for information and for our autofill membership application forms. Buttons are now active for payment of 2022 dues.
​Financial documents, board meeting minutes, and annual meeting minutes are now available without restriction on our Documents page.
The Architectural Control Committee is available to help you navigate the Winter Park Highlands Covenants so you may complete your project without a hitch. Don't hesitate to reach out to them. See our Building Plans page.
This is a reminder that during the winter snow plowing season
the following County and State laws apply to all of the roads in Winter Park Highlands

1. It is llegal to park on roads on a snow routes including WPHA Commons cul-de-sac GCR 8564, which is a County Road.

2. It is against state law to leave snow piles on roads. This has become a problem in the Highlands where some people clear their driveway and leave snow piles on roads after county plows have come through. It may be days before plows come through again to clear the roads.

All residents are strongly urged to heed these regulations for the safety and convenience of everyone. There have been some problems recently, including parking at WPHA Commons, that have hampered County snow plow operations.

The CDOT flyer on snow removal can be found here.
The Rules and Grand County's Open Burn Program and Slash Pile Burning Guidelines are available on our Firewise page. Failure to follow the rules and guidelines can result in a visit from Fire District and Grand County Sheriff's Office personnel and can lead to a citation.
*See the Trash/Recycling page for new updates on the program.

An important update about rentals can be found on our Short Term Rental page
Grand County has developed a summary of the process for registering Short Term Rentals in the unincorporated areas of the County including Winter Park Highlands. Important links to the proper agencies are shown on the notice from the County on the Short Term Rentals page of this website.
This notice also includes the new process and contacts for neighbors to use in reporting problems with renters using these Short Term Rental properties.

2021 Chipping Program -September 2021 update.  The program is back on!
The HOA has arranged for Rod’s Tree Service to bring their chipping equipment through the Highlands during the week of September 14th to clean up any slash that has accumulated on your lots.  For those who choose to participate, Rod will bill each home/lot owner $200 per hour in 15 minute increments. You would need to mark your piles of slash and identify their location on the attached form. You do not need to drag the slash to the road if you don’t want to but be aware that the further from the road your slash is, the more time it will take them to drag it out. Complete the attached form and either scan it and email to Bob Colosimo at or mail it to:

Bob Colosimo
PO Box 1388
Fraser, CO 80442-1388

Forms are due by September 4th so please don’t delay in sending it in. you can call the number on the form for any specific questions you may have for Rod. This is a great opportunity to clean up our properties without having to haul the slash to a central location.

County regulations regarding camping on residential lots:

The Grand County Zoning Regulations are specific re: camping on residential lots of less than 35 acres and are enforced.

The following is excerpted from the adopted Grand County Zoning Regulations:

(g) One (1) travel trailer, camper or motor home as defined by the Grand County zoning for use during the construction of an owner built single-family dwelling. The travel trailer, truck camper, or motor home must be entirely self-contained, or must be connected to the well and septic, or water and sewer service for the property on which the single-family dwelling will be located. This accessory use is allowed for one (1) continuous year. The time period for this one (1) year allowance will begin with the Grand County Building Department’s footing inspection. This accessory use is not available until an approved building permit has been issued. Only one (1) continuous one (1) year period is allowed per building permit for a dwelling unit. At the end of the one (1) year period, the travel 50 trailer, truck camper, or motor home must be removed if construction has not been completed, or the building permit will be rescinded. No extensions of this time period will be allowed.

The underlying reasons for the regulations are, of course, health & safety of the owners and adjacent property owners especially re: sanitation. A porta-potty on site is inadequate.

So, regardless of the Subdivisions bylaws, etc. camping is prohibited by the county.